It's easy to join. Just complete the form and submit it to us and we will mail your loyalty packet out to you immediately!  Here's how it works:

You will receive a unique loyalty card with a number assigned to you.  You will also receive one dozen coupons you can hand out to friends or family that can take advantage of 10% off their next cab fare as well as earning you a customer loyalty point.  Each time you show your loyalty card to the driver, you will also receive 10% off your fare for that ride and earn 1 loyalty point.  When you have accrued 10 pts, it's worth $5 off any future trip you might take. Need more coupons to hand out? Just call or email us and let us know and we'll send you some more!  You can even save them up and even earn a free trip.  We will send you a monthly email with your point balance so you know where you stand. 

Join up now, its free, and you have nothing to loose!